Insights to Success

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  • Evaluation of Environmental Influences
  • Definition of Operational Requirements
  • Identification of Agency Capability
  • Analysis of Alternative Technical Approaches
  • Analysis of Alternative Organizational Approaches
  • Identification of Resource Requirements
  • Development of Financial Analysis
  • Identification of Funding Opportunities
  • Projection of Schedules and Timelines
  • Provision of Objective Recommendations
  • Identification of Benefits
  • Development of Action Plans
  • Presentation of Strategic Plan Final Written Reports

Learn More About Consulting

Want to know more about Management Consulting? Try these excellent references.

  • “Become a Top Consultant”, by Ron Tepper
  • “The Consultant’s Scorecard”, by Jack Phillips
  • “The Business of Consulting?”, by Elaine Biech
  • “Handbook of Management Consulting Services”, edited by Sam Barcus and Joseph Wilkinson

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